Studio with resin work area
Studio with resin work area

After 30 years of painting it was time to try something different. I now create resin and wire wrapped jewellery to search for harmonious forms and compositions which fascinate and delight. I am forever intrigued at the possibilities of these materials.

Reliquary Design began by collecting Australian plants and flowers and painting them in my familiar medium, pigment and oil. I realised that the easiest way to showcase their beauty was to embed them into resin, which preserves their form and colour forever. I also contrast nature with man-made metal objects and creating harmony and balance between the two. I then experimented with wire wrapping leaves, but they were too fragile so instead I began wire wrapping gemstones and adding beads as embellishments.

A Reliquary is a receptacle for precious and sacred objects so I thought it was a fitting name to the work that I was creating.

After having explored the markets as a way to showcase my work to the public, I have decided to expand my horizons to reach a wider audience who understands and appreciates the creativity and depth in my work.


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